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ATV (known as Andina de Televisión), is a Peruvian telecom company established in 1959 and relaunched in 1983. The organization is the lead property of Grupo ATV probably the biggest medium and telecom organizations. 

What is referred to the present time as ATV began in 1969 with Alfonso Pereyra as its first administrator. After ineffective endeavors to run it in the mid 1970s and resulting political strife in Peru, the station was shut; nonetheless, it turned into a TV Perú nearby station for the capital region. 

By 1981, the channel was under new initiative. Carlos Tizón Pacheco, who financed the 1980 official mission of President Fernando Belaúnde Terry, and afterward leader of neighborhood auto firm PROMASA, assumed control over the channel recurrence with his firm Andina de Radiodifusión, S.A., with test broadcasting starting on May 9 that very year. Following two years the channel got back to broadcasting on April 18, 1983, with President Terry managing.

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