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Televen is a private Venezuelan public TV station settled on the Caracas neighborhood of Horizonte. Therefore it is likewise called 'Waterway de Horizonte'. Televen was initiated as the TELEVEN Corporation (CorporaciĆ³n TELEVEN, S.A) on July 10, 1988 by Omar Camero Zamora and T Radioven, S.A. As an option for the two-driving private TV Networks on Venezuela, Radio Caracas TelevisiĆ³n (RCTV) and Venevision, Televen separated itself from this pattern and made an alternate situated programming sometimes the working classes who don't ordinarily sit in front of the TV and it was open and being made out of syndicated programs, sports, films, a full scope of series, mostly American, and Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican, and U.S. Hispanic telenovelas, and during the 1990s, anime.

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