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It is believed that Martinique is a debasement of the Taïno name for the island (Madiana/Madinina, signifying 'island of blossoms', or Matinino, "island of ladies"), as handed-off to Christopher Columbus when he visited the island in 1502.[7] According to student of history Sydney Daney, the island was designated "Jouanacaëra" or "Wanakaera" by the Caribs, which signifies "the island of iguanas". 

The island was involved first by Arawaks, then, at that point via Caribs. The Arawaks were depicted as delicate meek Indians and the Caribs as fierce man-eater fighters. The Arawaks came from Central America in the first century AD and the Caribs came from the Venezuelan coast around the eleventh century. At the point when Columbus showed up, the Caribs had slaughtered a significant number of their foes, saving the ladies, whom they saved for their own or homegrown use.