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Kuwait TV slot 2 (KTV2) is Kuwait's legislative TV station committed for the English-talking public. The station communicates English-talking shows, nearby projects, news, English-captioned neighborhood serials, English-talking global serials, and English-talking or English-captioned motion pictures. Kuwait TV began its transmission on November 15, 1961; as the authority TV of the service of data of the territory of Kuwait. There are so far five stations: station 1 (Al-Oula, KTV1), utilized for Arabic programming; station 2 (KTV2); station 3 (KTV3 or game), for simply sports programming; station 4 (KTV4), for pre-recorded and re-runs of motion pictures and serials from different stations; and station 5 (KTV-Plus), Kuwait's true legislative satellite transmission, presently converged with KTV1. The Kuwait Ministry of Information has an online feed of three of its channels.

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