THE WORLD LIVE by earthTV® - camera partner showcase version

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Earth TV (stylised as earthTV) is a German satellite telecom company, which airs live transmissions from its camera network all throughout the planet. Cameras are situated in notable urban communities just as lesser known areas. EarthTV cameras as a rule highlight sea shores, mountains, shoreline resorts, or horizons of significant urban areas. They presently have more than 70 cameras and air the purported World Live program, highlighting 7 areas in 90 seconds, which is displayed in 200 nations, arriving at multiple billion watchers every day. 

The cameras for live streaming are completely far off controlled from the transmission community in Munich. The program including urban areas and scenes is communicated from the central command in Munich and from that point they are shipped off overall accomplices under the name World Live and comparative arrangements like Prayer Times and The Weather Today, professing to arrive at 2 billion watchers in 200 nations, accessible in 10 dialects and broadcast across 40 TV stations.