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Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) is the state-run media association of Kenya.[1] It communicates in English and Swahili, just as in most neighborhood dialects of Kenya. The partnership began its life in 1928 when Kenya was a British settlement. It was the main station in Kenya. In 1964, when Kenya turned into an autonomous country, the enterprise's name was changed to Voice of Kenya. In 1989, the Kenyan parliament returned the company's name from Voice of Kenya to Kenya Broadcasting Corporation. 

English assistance telecasters who spearheaded the help were Peter Clare, David Kelly, Hassan Mazoa, Sammy Lui, Norbert Okare, and Martin Billy Mutta, followed later by Peter Njoroge Mwaura, Elizabeth Omolo, Esther Kanyago, Yakub Ishaq, Amos Njogu among many.

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