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Talking Tom Heroes is an enlivened series by Outfit7. It debuted on April 26, 2019 on its own channel (Talking Ginger's unique channel) and on May 15, 2019 on ABC Broadcast Channel. In the mid year of 2019, the Russian TV channel "Karusel" showed every one of the scenes in the series (even those that had not been delivered on the Talking Tom Heroes YouTube channel at that point). These scenes can be found on Russian destinations, for example, "Butya." 

Prepare for an epic new experience with your number one companions! Talking Tom Heroes! With the assistance of puzzling precious stones, Talking Tom and companions acquire fantastic forces! With Tom's super strength, Angela's stunning vision and speed, Ben's attractive glove, Hank's rucksack loaded with shocks and the assistance of youthful Ginger. They're up to any test however their most noteworthy superpower is their companionship. Together, they'll boldly battle the trouble makers, guard nature and secure the city. They won't ever surrender!