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Vietnam Multimedia Corporation (Vietnam Television Corporation (VTC)) is a Vietnamese interactive media company, established in February 1988 to construct TV channels. In July 2003, the Vietnam Ministry of Post and Telematics bought VTC. 

In February 1988, the Postal Ministry (Vietnam Telecommunications), established the Factory for Media Equipment Warrantion, claimed by Vietnam Television, which later became VTC. In September 1992, VTC turned into the Investment Company for Development and Technical Information (INTEDICO) under the protection of the Ministry of Culture (Information). In November 1993, INTEDICO turned into a speculation organization for the advancement of TV innovation in Vietnam and on 10 December 1996, INTEDICO converged with TELEXIM and RATIMEX organizations to turn into the Vietnam Television Technology Investment and Development Company under the choice number 918 - QD/TC-VTV, made by Vietnam Television. Further legal changes were made in 2003 (choice number 129/2003/QD-TTg 26 June 2003) and 2005 when INTENDICO turned out to be important for a parent state organization, the Communication Corporation (choice number 192/2005/QD-TTg 29 July 2005).