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TV started in the United States and in the United Kingdom before World War II. The two nations grew profoundly unique industry models, which depended on the models each utilized for radio telecom. English telecom was altogether constrained by the public authority made telecom enterprise, the BBC, which got its income from obligatory watcher permit charges. The United States embraced a business model, in light of exclusive stations and organizations that procured income by charging for publicizing time, with public telecom framing just a minor part of the bigger framework. 

The monetary circumstance at the time that TV was set up in Australia applied a crucial impact on the establishment and ensuing history of the business. At the point when the choice was made to proceed with conceding the main licenses for broadcast TV in the mid 1950s, Australia was in a recession, with extreme deficiencies of work and materials and an immature hefty modern base, and in this setting TV was viewed as a channel away from more central tasks.