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TV in Albania was first presented in 1960. RTSH ruled the Albanian telecom field up to the mid-1990s, a period when exclusive radio and TV stations began to possess the tremendous void Albanian frequencies. 

Following quite a while of being stalled,[1] cutoff times for change to DTV broadcasting are as a rule constantly declared until all supporters are furnished with computerized recieving wires. 

Albania has 3 public business TV slots, 56 nearby stations, 83 neighborhood link stations and two business multiplexes. 

Of all the current public TV slots, the public telecaster Radio Televizioni Shqiptar (RTSH) has the best come to: its sign covers 80.5% of the region, trailed by Top Channel with 79%, and TV Klan with 78%. Notwithstanding, there are additionally advanced multiplexes yet they are unaccounted for in the regional arrive at figures.